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Fried Maggi Recipe All you would say by eating spicy fried Fried Maggi | secret life dose

Hello friends, welcome all of you in secret life dose Today, today we are going to tell the new trick to create Maggi. These recipes are very popular to all children of the world. And nowadays, big people have started taking interest in eating food. So let's learn another better way.

crispy fried Maggi recipe Today I am telling you to make children's Favorite Fried Maggi Noodles. You can also call it Hakka or Chinese Noodles, but it takes only 2 minutes to create Maggi.

maggi recipe secret life dose
 Fried Maggi Recipe All you would say by eating spicy fried Fried Maggi | secret life dose

crispy fried Maggi recipe

Why do not you ever make Maggie this time, two-minute Maggie, you always keep making this time. Try this Chinese style this time. You will love it very much.
Ingredients Required - Ingredients for Crispy Fried Maggi Recipe
Maggie noodles = two packets
Green chilies = one, finely chopped
Onions = a finely chopped
Carrot = spoon two tablespoons
Flower cabbage = half cup
Bins = two tablespoons
Peas = small half cup
Capsicum = two tablespoons
Red chili sauce = one tbsp
Soy sauce = one tbsp
Tomato ketchup = one tbsp
Bad vinegar = half teaspoon
Kashmiri Red Chilli Powder = Small Half Tablespoon
Salt = according to taste
Method - How To Make Fried Maggi
To make frog Maggi noodles, put two glasses of water to boil on the gas to boil. Boil water. Put two packet noodles in it. Keep the medium of flame for the flame. Do not over-cook it. Keep in mind that it takes one and a half to two minutes to boil it.

Check the noodles once in a spoon and if it breaks down easily, then you can understand that our noodles have become boiled. Turn off the gas and filter the noodle and put a little normal water on it so that the noodles stick with each other (do not stick with the cold water on the noodles). Keep them aside.

Put the embroidery on the gas and put oil in a pan, put the medium to the gas, when the oil is heated, put the vegetables in it. First, pour green chilies and garlic in oil, fry them both lightly and then add onions, cauliflower, carrots, beans, and peas to the vegetables and add some salt to it. Vegetables will be melted quickly with salt. Now roast the vegetables at medium heat for 4 to 5 minutes.

After five minutes you will see that the vegetables have become soft and now put capsicum in it. Capsicum is very quick to soften, so I am putting it at the last.

Let capsicum be cooked for one minute. Now put soy sauce, red chili sauce, tomato ketchup, bad vinegar, and half a spoon cashmere red chili powder. Very good color comes out as soon as the vegetables mix well in the sauce, add noodles in it.

Keep the gas in the middle, after nudging the noodles, we do not have to cook it much. Put the packets of both Maggi spices together with the noodles. Do not put salt in it because the salt we put in the vegetable. Sauces also contain salt and this Maggi spice also contains salt, now mix it well.

Now do not cook them much, cook it on a high flame for just one minute. Just add the sauce to the noodles, so that it is cooked, then stop the gas.

crispily fried Maggi Now our Chinese Fried Maggi has got ready. You must cook Freud Maggi once. You can give it to the children in the lunch box. This Maggi remains the same from morning to evening. 

By the evening, there is no difference in its test. It takes a little longer to create this Maggi. But if you are fond of Maggi, then you will be happy to eat this recipe by making this recipe.

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