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Interesting/great similarities between abusive drugs, junk foods, and sugar -- secret life dose

Interesting parallels between abusive drugs, junk foods, and sugar: If there is a health area that still retains many misconceptions, then it should be nurtured. For example, one of the most common things you might have thought was really truth at some point in your life, and counting calories were important for restoring those troubled extra pounds.

Great similarities between abusive drugs, junk food, and sugar

nteresting/great similarities between abusive drugs, junk foods, and sugar |secret life dose
interesting/great similarities between abusive drugs, junk foods, and sugar |secret life dose

When you live in the nutritious and health circle for a long time, you will find something interesting - in the form of highly processed junk food and sugar drugs as addictive. This is not only due to their practical signs, but also the biology behind them - how they affect your brain and body. In fact, if you are accustomed to these substances, you are not better than addictive at the end of the day. If you need some proof of this, then here are some reasons for this conclusion.

Dopamine floods the brain after consuming junk food

The brain is working naturally to repeat specific behavior, as long as it brings a sense of joy or relief. Most of the time, the behavior is related to increasing your survival opportunities, as if you were dehydrated, like eating and drinking water.

When you consume food, the brain moves forward to release a neurotransmitter dopamine contained in your brain's 'rewarding system'. Then your body explains this dopamine increase as a pleasurable feeling, and the brain changes your programming so that you can be encouraged to repeat the same behavior again. This reward system is not bad on itself - after all, it is one of the ways in which the brain has used humans to go through its natural environment and help to survive.

The problem here is because some substances today act as 'super stimuli', because they release the level of dopamine to the brain which is very high, causing floods. In fact, this level is higher than the use of the brain, and as a result, the paths are abducted - they cannot work properly now.

A good example of this is. The brain is full of dopamine, and this causes the user to use the drug repeatedly. The way through the brain, which takes care of regulating dopamine, is now trying to manage new stimuli, which results in more dopamine release and the behavior is getting stronger - this is the reason for the drug Abuse becomes very addictive quickly.

A fact that you may not know - excessively processed junk food and sugar have the right effect as drug abuse is misused. When you eat real foods such as fruits, especially in an area of the brain, which is known as nucleus accumbens, there is a region which has a strong connection to drug abuse such as Valium addiction, in excess quantity Brain flooding with dopamine. The opiate receptors also have an effect on their brain.

As a result of junk food: Offensive Drugs, Junk Foods, and Sugar

Whether you are hungry or not, even if you want anything - even to the point of accuracy However, there is a big difference between the two.

The feeling of hunger is due to a complex reaction system of the signal, which is controlling the nutrients and energy requirements of your body. On the other hand, you can get seriousness even after eating satisfaction, and that is because the gravitas is bound by the brain's reward system, not your energy needs.

When you need a highly rewarding food or substance even after feeding the body, there is no link to actual appetite. In junk food and sugar, there are levels of craving in the form of drugs and other substances that are addictive. The thought process and obsessive nature are also very similar.

Drug abuse and junk food consumption affect the same area in the brain
It is not impossible to track the activity in your brain, even if it is a challenge. Progress in medical and scientific research has allowed medical researchers to use MRI scanning to track activity in the brain after taking some substance.

Some areas of the brain become more active due to blood flow increase, and it is directly linked to neuron activation, so the mary scan keeps track of brain activity. This has generated an interesting insight - the regions of the brain that are affected by the drug and food signals are the same, and when you want drugs or junk food the area becomes active.

Sugar and junk food can also create tolerance: Offensive Drugs, Junk Foods, and Sugar

When flooding with brain dopamine, it establishes a protective mechanism - through the reduction in the number of dopamine receptors. It helps to be balanced. This process reduces your sensitivity to dopamine, also called 'down-regulation', and makes this substance your tolerance.

This is the reason that drugs are addictive - because your tolerance is increasing, you have to consume more quantity of medication to get the same effect. This behavior also applies to junk food and sugars, which tells why junk food addicts can eat large amounts of food and they become accustomed.

Bing food is common with junk food, like drugs

The more tolerance the substance is in your brain, the more amount you have to gain, the more 'higher' it is to get. For example, you used to take a tablet of a prescription drug, but now you feel that you have to take two.

This also happens with junk food - you feel that you are not getting enough treatment, so you feel that you need more - leading to eating Bing. It is one of the most common symptoms of addiction to food other than other eating disorders. All of them have some common signs, which they share with the misuse of drugs.

It also makes it easier to change from one substance to another, in which your addiction is in junk food, which is usually addicted to sugar and sugary foods.

final thoughts
You will not have thought about the relationship between junk food and drug misuse, but they are more similar to your thoughts. It is not just sugar and food addiction serious, even if it is clear.

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