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Knowing 28 souls inside the body will be surprised| secret life dose

Knowing 28 souls inside the body will be the surprised-Our body is a unit of the universe. As above, just below As outside, so within. Instead of understanding the whole universe, if you understand the structure of your own body, then you will understand the process of Brahmand and its operation. Here is the situation about the state of prana located in the body.

The person is declared dead after prana is released. If Pranayam can prana be purified and prolonged then the person's age is also long. Of course, understand the science of prana. When a person is born then he breathes deeply and when he dies, he breathes completely. 

Knowing 28 souls inside the body will be surprised| secret life dose
Knowing 28 souls inside the body will be surprised| secret life dose
Prana comes from the dimension that goes into the same dimension. The age of elephants, whales, and turtles is high because their breathing speed is slow and long.

According to Vedic Science:

Just as there are many types of air variants outside our body, in the same way, our body is also carrying various types of air variants. The air is the only life. So air is also called life. According to Vedic Sage Science, there are 28 types of prana. Every people has 7-7 lives.

Just as Brahman has the condition of many people such as Paradise Lok (sun or Aditya folk), space folk (lunar or air folk), indigenous people (fire people), etc. In the same way, there are many people's positions in the body.

From the thorns to the horizon in the body, the state of the Sun is visible from the sun, from the sky to the navel, the space folk from the navel to the anus. That is, the state of our body is also like external ones. 

This is what we call the insolent people, then it is also called Agni Lok. From the navel to anus the fire burns itself. From above it is the right of air to the navel, and from above it is the position of the sun mass towards the heart. Brahman is above the throat.

The body has three parts from the throat to the anus. In the above three parts or regions, there are 7,7 lives as follows. The body has three parts from the throat to the anus. In the above three parts or regions, there are 7,7 breaths accordingly. 

These are three parts - from the throat to the heart, from the heart to the navel and from the navel to the anus. Indigenous people are called habitation cavity, ventral abdomen and sunlight are called uroguga. These three people have 21 lives.

From the foot's toes to the anus and to the throat, the body is the knowledge soul, but there is another one who operates this soul - that is the science soul. This is called Parameshthi Mandal. In the science of science above the throat, there is also 7 pranas - eye, ears, nose hole 2, 2, 2 and walk (mouth). This 7 life soul is in Paramesha.

Now the main above Paramesh is the self-divisional division in which there is the consciousness that this consciousness is operating the body, fire, and air are always active. You are asleep, in the body, fire, and air (breathing) are constantly active. Consciousness, science, soul only manages the body. Paramshi has concrete, water, and air. 

These three, Pavan Soma and Yayavic water are. These are called hydrogen and oxygen, water and air are of 3 types, so organisms are also three types of Asmita, northwest, and burning. Consciousness is also called folk. This is called Brahmlock, Shivalok or Swayambolok. The universe is also the same.

According to Yoga Science:

The meaning of 'prana' is in accordance with the yoga that keeps our body alive. This inner body is considered by some to be life as a living soul. The main location of this air is in the heart. By recognizing the movement of this air well, one who takes this action knows the secret of living for a long time. Because the air has the ability to transform the substances within the body into nectar or poison.

When we breathe in, the air or air coming in is mainly divided into five parts or say that it gets stable and located in five places within the body. But he remains stable and steady and keeps moving.

These quintets are as follows- (1) Wynn, (2) Equal, (3) Apan, (4) Udana and (5) prana.

Due to the change in the form of air in this five ways, awakening in the consciousness of the person, the memories are safe, the digestive system keeps moving and blood flow in the heart. Because of these, thoughts of the mind change or remain stable. 

If there is a difficulty in any of the above-mentioned places, then all the places are affected by it and by this the body, mind, and consciousness are also surrounded by disease and bereavement. Mana-brain, fat-meat, intestine, kidney, brain, breathing tube, nervous system, and blood etc. are all pure and strong by pranayama. Staying in control keeps the mind and body in control.

1. Wynn: - means the meaning of Wen, which acts as fat and meat.
2. Equal: - The work of air maintaining equilibrium is in the bone. Bones also make balances.
3.Apan: - Apan means the air that goes down. It is in the juice of the body.
4. Grain: - The meaning of Udana is the carrying air. It is in our nerves.
5. Photography: - Prana Vay explains the movement of our body. This air is essentially in the blood.

When doing pranayama or breathing, we perform three actions- 1. supplementary 2. convex 3.rechak The above three types of actions are called hathayogi impulse instinct, pillar instinct, and external instinct. i.e. taking, stopping and leaving breathing. To stop the gap, internal combing and blocking out is called an external kumbak.

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