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Top yoga and Remedies for reducing fat from belly and waist | secret life dose

some top yoga and Remedies for reducing fat from belly and waist Yoga tips for reducing belly and waist fat, Remedies for reducing belly and waist fat:

People often keep trying to decrease their weight. But do you know, it is more important than losing weight, reducing your waist and stomach. Once you can reduce your weight easily, but the most common problem is the removal of the fat around the waist and stomach. 

Do you know that some people are not fat, but they have enough fat to accumulate around their stomach, causing them to become disturbed and start treating themselves as fat?

Anyway, girls are not able to wear tight clothes due to fat deposited around the waist and abdomen. If they do this then it can not be refined in their personality. If you want your abdomen and waist down easily, then you can take some tips. Let's learn how to reduce waste and abdomen.

Some yoga and tips for reducing fat fTop yoga and Remedies for reducing fat from belly and waist | surf xtra techrom belly and waist | secret life dose
Top yoga and Remedies for reducing fat from belly and waist | secret life dose

Some new Tips (Remedies) to reduce belly and waist fat 

Fast one day a week -
If you are very fond of food and are troubled by your habit, then you should definitely do fasting at least once a week. If you want you can stay on the fluid one day a week. In this, you will give priority to water, lemonade, milk, juice, soup etc. 

If you want, one day can also give salad or fruit, in which you will eat only fruit or salad. By eating a salad you will be helped to lose weight.

Yoga is essential to reduce stomach -

To reduce the waist and stomach, you should do yoga regularly in the morning. In this case, you will need to include some such asanas that help reduce your stomach and waist. Anyway, you can remain neutral from yoga. You should do all the activities of Surya Namaskar, Sarvajanasan, Bhujangasan, Vajrasana, Shalbhasan etc.

Keep food balanced -
If you eat junk food or you like oily food, then you should be absolutely free to eat such foods. Eat cooked chapati, mixing barley and gram flour instead of normal flour. This will make your body shiny.

Honey is beneficial -
There are many properties of honey It is effective in reducing obesity. You should eat honey with water every morning. This will soon reduce the waist and stomach.

Green tea is also helpful-
You are very fond of drinking tea and you want you to reduce your weight soon, you should take green tea, lemon tea or Ayurvedic T (Kada) filled with antioxidants instead of drinking milk tea. Actually, drinking milk tea increases your chances of developing obesity.

Morning and evening walk-
To remove the fat around the waist and stomach, do not forget to take a walk for a while and wake up every morning and do not forget to take a walk after dinner. With this, you will be able to easily reduce the extra calories and reduce the stomach and waist fat.

What to eat for reducing the waist and belly fat, and how to eat:

• Never start the day with coffee or tea. Caffeine things increase blood pressure and heartbeat. It feels stress in the body, which is the biggest enemy of the digestive system. 

We feel like sleeping in drinking tea or coffee, its real reason is to increase the heartbeat or breath speed. In the morning, the body is light-soluble and heartbeat is normal. To maintain this normal speed, the actual food needs to be eaten. 

Nine nutrition is not equal to tea starved for the last 9-10 hours. It causes hunger. You are hungry without feeling for a long time. Metabolism is at the peak with the sun emerging. 

At the same time, it is necessary to eat most at this time. If you do not want to eat anything solid then you can eat fruits. Eat fibre-free items an hour after this; Like bread, upma, Idli etc. should be taken.

Be more active, eat more and become less active, less than

If it is punishable to starve yourself then more food crime. No matter what our stomach needs, we eat. We are obese because we eat at the right time instead of eating at the right time. 

For example, there is a lot of calorie in the laddoos and if the laddoos eat together or eat at night then nobody can stop them from being absorbed in the body in the form of calories. 

After full stomach (after eating) and metabolic rate decreases (after sunset) the body stops taking nutritional nutrients. A good and stressless sleeping helps in reducing fat. The right way is to eat all the food by 6.30 a.m. and eat lightly till 8.30 hrs.

• Between regular diet, you can eat chivda, Dhokla, salad, sprouted pulses, fruits or salads. Avoid oil and sugar. Taking empty carbohydrates leads to hunger quickly, so add protein to food too.

Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables. Eating whole fruit instead of juice is better. Different nutrients are obtained from different vegetables. Eat green leafy vegetables. Among them a lot of minerals and vitamins. Are there.

If you want to lose weight, reduce the white stuff (potatoes, flour, sugar, rice etc.) and emphasize on multigrain or multi (pulses, wheat, gram, barley, carrot, spinach, apple, papaya etc).

Eat milk or yoghurt without fat. To reduce the weight in milk, it is better to add water to it than to remove the cream. By adding water the nutrients in the milk are also less. Those who are allergic to milk or soya products, they can avoid calcium deficiency by eating things like rajma, lemon, tomatoes, fenugreek, spinach, almonds and cashew nuts.

Take 3-4 litres of water and fluid in the day. Water not only reduces fat but also removes poisonous elements from the body. It reduces hunger and prevents constipation. Start eating a glass of water, coconut water, juice, soup, lemonade or buttermilk.

Precautions of eating and drinking

With obesity, you are likely to have many types of diseases. Therefore it is necessary to be aware of the increase in obesity and take measures to reduce it. To reduce obesity, exercise should be accompanied by a proper diet. Having some precautions in eating and drinking can get rid of obesity.

Do not drink water after eating-
Often people drink plenty of water after meals, which are not quite right. Drink water only after half an hour after meals. It does not cause obesity on the stomach and waist, as well as reduced fatness.

The use of vegetables-
Keep the amount of green vegetables, greens and salads in the food more than bread and rice. It will not accumulate fat in the body.

✦ Benefits of Respect-
If possible, fast one day a week, and during this time only eat milk and fruits. It will also improve your digestion. Eat wheat and gram flour bread, without taking wheat flour dough, start taking roasted flour instead of wheat flour. This will not only reduce stomach and waist but will also reduce the body fatness.

✦shahd (Honey)
Adding two teaspoons of honey in cucumber water daily reduces obesity in some days.

pdina (Peppermint)
Mint is helpful in reducing obesity. Mixing honey mixed with mint juice reduces obesity.

✦ Eat cakes -
Cabbage has the properties of fat loss and this makes the body's metabolism strong.

Use of Fruits and Vegetables-
Include more and more fibrous substances in the food. Fibers in green vegetables and fruits are high, so consume more and more of them.

Drink more water -
Drink as much water as possible. This will accelerate the body's metabolic digestive process and more calories. Will consume fat, thereby reducing fat.

✦ Fiber-free diet-
Eat a diet containing fiber; Like almonds, buns, popcorn and brown rice It reduces body fat.

Do not leave food-
Make breakfast, lunch and dinner in time. Do not skip the food at any time because you eat more of the next meal. So eat food at the right time.

Yoga to reduce waist and stomach

Lose weight by Yoga-
The most accurate and easy way to lose weight is yoga. This seat is helpful in losing weight
Are there

• Kapalbhati- Throw the breath away from the nose, causing the stomach to go in and out. Take 5-10 minutes. Do the high BP slowly and sit on the waist padded chair.

• Agnisar- stand and keep your hands on the jiggles by opening the feet slightly. Stop breathing out. Then pumping of the stomach i.e., drag the stomach inside, then leave it. Slick disk, high bp Or those who operated the stomach do not do it.

• Vertical handicraft- stand and open the legs slightly. Tighten the fingers of the hands and lift them over the head. Remove the breath and bend the waist to the left. Similarly, on the other side also.

• Quick ventilation - Laying the waist and keeping the hands on the floor under the jumps. Raise both legs up to 90 degrees. Thus, keep the feet up and down without having to stand on the ground. Do not do it with back pain.

• Heart pillars - Lay hands on the waist and place hands on the thighs. Breathe and raise the legs. Raise head and waist. During this time the weight of the body will remain on the hips.

• Diaphragm Cycling - Rotate the sides of the waist with both legs and twist together like cycling. Keep moving constantly until you are tired. Keep hands under the waist.

• Bhujangasan- Laying on the belly, place both hands under the hips. Fill the breath and lift the head and chest from the front and turn towards the back.

• Uzzayi pranayama- This is beneficial for thyroid patients. Sit straight and take out the sauce. Now breathe the throat muscles and breathe. Go throat friction Then breathe the nose out slowly.

Ayurvedic medicine to reduce waist and stomach: 

Ayurvedic medicines beneficial to remove fat and stomach fat created by Achyattay Hari Om Pharma.

1) Purification kalpa powder
2) Explanation extraction
3) Basil extracts

All Given point is beneficial for you, some yoga and tips for reducing fat from belly and waist topic is good for all person. 

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