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Some 5 main causes of stress or great causes of stress | cause of tension

Some 5 main causes of stress or great causes of stress,cause of tension - Sometimes a lot of stress, unfortunately, is the cause of physical illness. A study of 1967 found that as many incidents are more stressful, the likelihood of disease is more likely and more stressful incidents can also make your health worse. Some of the major stressful events related to our lives are given in detailed below.

Some 5 main causes of stress or great causes of stress 

 Some 5 main causes of stress or great causes of stress | cause of tension,secret life dose
 Some 5 main causes of stress or great causes of stress | cause of tension,secret life dose

There is also a reason for divorce

There are many adverse consequences of the stressful situations of divorce in children and adolescents. 

Divorce can make children very lonely and causes psychological illness for them. This can change the feelings of the children a lot, and they may lead to diseases like anxiety, anger, depression, or sadness. 

They can feel the security of a parent's parents or can blame the other for the situation. Such misconceptions are very specific and talking about them with friends, family members, can make children feel embarrassed.

Death of a dear person is the cause of stress

The stress of losing a husband or a loved one is so high, that it increases the anxiety and depression of the living person. 

A study has been confirmed in the American Journal of Public Health that many cases, such as death and cardiovascular disease, are more than normal population, with the effect of excessive consumption of alcohol in living spouse. 

Living life partner is very difficult to get out of all these incidents. Therefore, it promotes loneliness, sorrow, adjustment concerns.
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The second place is also the cause of stress

People and children from the old place to a new place, home or school can be really stressful and changes in living conditions are known as residency and changes in schools. 

Before replacing the place, you can feel the high tension level enemies, like many packing and unpacking and start new from zero. 

You can also feel stressed for new paths, but you need to work and motivate yourself generally because of the rising age of your children.

Bigger diseases also cause stress

Many major diseases related to stress include high blood pressure, heart disease, asthma and mental illness. The problem is not with stress, but with the incidents of stressful life, which fall in old stress. 

The following are some diseases that can cause of tension or main causes of stress.
  • Serious pain like back pain and neck pain
  • Obesity is not a disease but obesity is the root cause of many other serious and deadly diseases, which results in stress.
  • Diabetes is another stress which is increasing in reducing levels of unhealthy type of food and physical activity.
  • Stomach disorders, gastrointestinal problems cause stress and pain.
  • Alzheimer's disease is a lifelong disease that causes stressful life.

Fear of losing job

According to a study done on unemployed workers, unemployment is a serious cause of financial difficulties mainly in the workers with good pay. 

The findings of the study show that due to financial difficulties, a tense environment is created in family relations. Long-term unemployment puts a disastrous effect on self-esteem of a person. People feel guilty in unemployment and negative thoughts arise in them. 

The situation of the people not being able to pay the debt, there can be twice as many stressful problems in the long unemployment.

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Because of our purpose you all have to reach the information. Therefore, we request you to take the advice of your doctor before using any remedy. Our purpose is to make you aware. Your doctor knows your health well, so there is no substitute for that.

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