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7 ways to identify real pure honey | How to identify real pure honey in english

7 ways to identify real pure honey | How to identify real pure honey in english:- Today we are going to tell you how to identify real pure honey. Whenever we go to buy honey in the market, it is claimed by the shopkeeper to have a real honey, but can not deny that people make adulteration in honey in the affair to earn profits. 

So if you are going to buy Honey then you should know the difference between real and fake honey. If you know the identity of real honey then you can buy pure honey for yourself and you can avoid buying adulterated honey.

How to identify real pure honey

Honey is a food that is used for food, because honey gives great benefit to Honey, due to which many people use honey for their daily food. If honey is adulterated, it does damage the reverse instead of benefiting the health.V so whenever you buy Honey or bring it home, you must check the difference between being real or fake. So let's know what the real honey is.

How to identify real pure honey

1. Get help with glass

For this, you have to take a glass plate in it to drop a few drops of honey. If you prepare the shape of the serpent's horoscope on the spraying of honey, it will be pure. But if honey spreads immediately, it will be fake.

2. Combine with water

You can also identify real and fake honey with the help of water, for this you have to take clean water in a glass of glass. It has to be diluted honey in the form of thin wire if honey is pure, it will sit on the surface of a glass like thin wire, while the unclean honey dissolves in water.

3. Take the help of cotton

Soak the honey soaked in cotton, and then light the lamp if the honey is fake, it will not burn, if the water also goes, it will burn with the chit chit.

4. Check with white cloth

For this, you have to drop a few drops of honey on a clear white cloth. After a while, wash this cloth with water. If the honey is pure then the clothes will not be stained, but if the honey is unclean then the fabric will be stained.

5. Identify the real honey from the weather

Let us tell you that the real honey gets frozen in the winter, ie cold weather, but melts in the summer season, but if your honey stays the same in every season, then you have to understand that honey has been adulterated.

6. Take the help of wood

In this, you have to take a piece of wood and you have to drop a few drops of honey in this piece of wood. After this, take a burning swab of the match is near the honey, if it starts burning then it will be pure, whereas not fake or chit chit Will burn by voice.

7. The fly can tell the real fake honey

The fly stays in almost all the houses, in such a way, the identity of the real fake honey can be detected by the fly, in the pure honey the fly does not get trapped, but it flattens, while flies in the adulterated honey remains trapped.

How to identify real pure honey, you know now. Honey is sweet and it also helps in protecting you from many diseases. In this way you must include Honey in your diet. Although honey is mixed with honey, it is not easy to eat the real honey, but here we have told you 7 ways, from which you can know the difference in real fake honey.
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