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What is the lack of vitamin-D? vitamin D deficiency | secret life dose

What is the lack of vitamin D?:- As a gift, nature has given us some such things, if we use it right and timely, we will be healthy and happy throughout life. The toop is a similar gift given to nature. Due to the deteriorating lifestyle today, our body is not getting enough sunlight, which is becoming a victim of vitamin D deficiency.

The Tauro University of California, in the study in 2017, found that a large number of people in the world have stopped spending time outside. If they go out, then use sunscreen. Due to this deficiency of vitamin-D is also being found.

What is the lack of vitamin-D? vitamin D deficiency | secret life dose
What is the lack of vitamin-D? vitamin D deficiency | secret life dose

California's research seems to be completely true. Because people have become so busy with their work that they can not even enjoy the things given by nature. Let us tell you that according to Assocham, 88 per cent of Delhiites are suffering from the deficiency of Vitamin D.

People are relying on medicines to meet the needs of vitamin D. While many researcher claims that there is no use of taking vitamin-D supplements. 

if Taking supplements do not reduce the risk of bone fractures nor does it cure vitamin D deficiency in the body. If an adequate quantity of sunlight and proper good food is taken, this reduction will automatically be removed.

Now know that when there is a deficiency of vitamin D in the body, then what kind of symptoms does it show?

Feeling tired, pain in bones, late injuries, hair loss, long illness, muscular pain, rapid falls and tension etc. These are all the symptoms of vitamin D.

Now know that what can happen when there is a shortage of vitamin D in the body -

So there are frequent fractures of bones, obesity, tension, and depression. Apart from this, the risk of severe illness like Alzheimer's and many types of cancer is also increased. - Sources of Vitamin D, Signs of Benefits and Dosages

Now the question arises that there is no shortage of vitamin D in the body, what should be done for it. Let us tell you -

1.  Take at least 20 or 30 minutes of sunlight every day

2. Eat milk and made products such as curd, cheese etc. Because Vitamin D is in sufficient quantity.

3. Eat as many green vegetables like spinach. Also, include mushrooms in your diet.

4. Eat the egg with the yolk as it contains vitamin D in the appropriate amount.

5. Vitamin D is also very good with calcium in fishes like salmon and tuna. So if you are a non-vegetarian, you can eat them.

If you want to do your work with full activity and enthusiasm then first fit your body. Vitamin D meets many needs of your body, so do not let it loose.
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