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life quotes- 17 inspirational quotes of lord mahavira swami in english

17 inspirational quotes of lord mahavira swami in english:-Lord Mahavir Swami is one of the twenty-fifth tirthankar of Jain religion. It is about two and a half thousand years old. Chaitra Shukla Teras was born as the third child of father Siddhartha and mother Trishala in Kshatriya Kundalpur of Vaishali Republic 599 years ago. His childhood name was 'Vardhaman'. These later became Swami Mahavir. Mahavira is also called 'Veer', 'Superhero'and 'consensus'.

Lord Mahavir, the 24th Tirthankar of Jainism, was a sculpture symbol of non-violence. His life was filled with renunciation and penance. 

They did not have the hold of a langoti. Lord Mahavir was born in the same era as the discrimination of violence, animal sacrifice, caste and creed grew. He taught the world a lesson of truth, nonviolence. Preached the whole world.

They tell the world the principles of Panchsheel. According to this - truth, unreality, awesomeness, non-violence and forgiveness. He tried to show the world the right way through some of his specific teachings. He has guided the world with his many discourses.
life quotes- 17 inspirational quotes of lord mahavira swami in english

Mahavir Swami's priceless statement:

1. Nonviolence is the largest religion.

2. Peace and self-control is non-violence.

3. Respect for all living beings is non-violence.

4. Every creature is free, nobody is dependent on anyone else.

5. Have compassion for every living creature. Disgust leads to destruction.

6. Conquering yourself is better than conquering millions of enemies.

7. Every soul is omnipresent and joyful in itself. Joy does not come from outside.

8. Do not erase anybody's existence. Peacefully live and let others also live

9. The soul goes alone, goes alone, no one joins him or anybody becomes his friend.

10. Fight with yourself, fight with the external enemy? The one who conquers himself will find happiness.

11. Do not feel sad about suffering, but do not be a member of suffering. Do not let such a situation in the world, but do everything in the world.

12. All humans are unhappy because of their own faults, and they may be pleased to improve their own mistakes.

13. If you have ever done good to someone, then forget them. And if someone has done something bad to you then forget it.

14. There is no enemy beyond your soul. The real enemies live inside you, they are enemies, anger, pride, greed, attachment and hatred.

15. If you can not bear the hurt by the words or actions of others on your body or mind, then what is your right to do so by your words or actions with others?

16. God has no separate existence. Everyone can achieve the deity of doing the supreme effort in the right direction.

17. The biggest mistake of a soul is not to recognize its real form, and it can be cured only by acquiring self-wisdom.


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