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Home remedies for the problem of white hair | secret life dose

Home remedies for the problem of white hair:- Home remedies for removing the problem of white hair - If you are troubled by the problem of hair, they know how to get rid of this problem of hair.

gooseberry (amla) small-looking gooseberry (amla) is not only effective for your health. Rather, if you use it regularly, it will also get rid of the problem of your hair. We should not only take gooseberry (amla) for daily meals but also add it to the wardrobe and apply it in the hair, even if cutting the gooseberry, Mix in oil and put it in the hair.

Home remedies for the problem of white hair | secret life dose

Home remedies for the problem of white hair

Black Tea and Coffee - If you want to darken your hair So wash the hair with black tea or a lot of coffee. You do it three times in the shafts. And you do not even have any side effects using this coffee or tea. And these measures are not too expensive. This is the best and easy solution. If you want to protect your hair from being white then you must do this remedy.

Aloe Vera - If you have trouble with hair loss and the problem of getting white. Then put the aloe vera gel in the hair and put lemon juice in it and put it in the hair. Aloe vera is used to remove the best and all diseases in Ayurveda. It is not only for polishing your face but also helps to keep you healthy, external and internal.

If you are already white before your age, then apply the juice of Aloe vera with your own good and with Aloe vera gel, if you add a little lemon juice to your hair, it will give you results in a very short time. If you use this mixture for a week, your hair will become naturally dark.

Right Ways to blacken white hair

Ghee - If your hair is getting white then massage ghee in the hair. The problem of getting your hair white will be solved. Because Ghee has many vitamins and nutrients which helps in strengthening your body internally.

The nutrients present in ghee provide the essential nutrients for your hair. By sourcing your head and hair every day, your hair will become black and dense and you will get rid of problems such as headache and migraine.

Curd - As you know, there is sourness in yoghurt that is acid, which makes your hair strong and black, so the hair conditioner in the markets is ammonia which makes hair black but also makes the hair weak.

If you want to do hair naturally, then use curd in the hair. First, add yeast in an equal quantity of yoghurt and use it in the hair once in a week, it will make your hair black. And this does not just make the hair dark but makes it taller and stronger too.

The natural way to  black hair

Kadhi leaf - Neem itself is another species of which is lightly eaten in the food and all the medicinal properties available in neem are very useful in making you and your hair white and strong. If your hair is getting white, then curry leaf is for you. It is boon to keep the leaves of the goose soaked in water for one hour.

And then wash the hair thoroughly with that water or cut the curry leaves and mix it with coconut oil, it will help your hair. If you do not want to use coconut oil, you can also use mustard oil because mustard also strengthens your hair. And helps to make hair dark and thick.

White hair problems and solutions

Rita and Amla - Many girls spend thousands of rupees going to the parlour to darken their white hair. But the hair of a few days or months becomes their hair again and again. Because the hair colour weakens your hair.

If you want to fortify your hair naturally, then you use ritha and awla because Ayurvedic medicines and herbs do not have any side effect, Naturally gives you fate. Grind some granules of Ritha with gooseberry (amla )and prepare the mixture.

Now put this prepared mixture in your hair and wash your hair with clean cold water. If you continue to use this for seven days continuously, then it will make your hair darker and stronger.
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