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Mahavir Swami's life introduction, 2019 Jayanti | Lord Mahavira Swami 2019 Jayanti and history in English

Mahavir Swami's life introduction, 2019 Jayanti | Lord Mahavira Swami 2019 Jayanti and history in English:- Mahavir Jayanti Jain Society is celebrated in the form of the birth anniversary of Lord Mahavir throughout India year. This festival, celebrated by Jain Samaj, is also known as Mahavir Jayanti along with Mahavir Birth Kalyanak. 

The Mahavir Jayanti is celebrated every year on the 13th day of Chaitra month. which comes in March or April according to our working calendar. 

On this day, every kind of Jain Digambar, Shwetambar etc. together celebrate this festival. This festival which is celebrated as the birth festival of Lord Mahavir has been declared a government holiday in the whole of India.

Mahaveer Swami's life introduction, 2019 Jayanti | Mahavir Swami 2019 Jayanti and history in English
Mahaveer Swami's life introduction, 2019 Jayanti | Mahavir Swami 2019 Jayanti and history in English
The life of Lord Mahavir, the originator of Jain religion, is also reading the lessons of non-violence for two and a half thousand years of his life, along with millions of his followers. The innovator of Panchsheel doctrine and the twenty-four Tirthankaras of Jainism, Mahavir Swami is one of the chief flagmen of non-violence. 

According to Jain texts, after the liberation of 23rd Tirthankar Parshvanath ji after 298 years, Mahavira Swamiji was born in an era in which there was the superstition of animal sacrifice, violence and caste-discrimination discrimination.

There are many different types of facts about Swetambar and Digambar Janis on the life of Mahavir Swamy.

Lord Mahavira was born in the city of Kshatriya Kunda about 600 years ago on the day of Chaitra Shukla Triodashi. Lord Mahavira's mother's name was Maharani Trishala and father's name was Maharaj Siddhartha. Lord Mahavir, who came to know many names, had some prominent names like Vardhaman, Mahavir, Samiti, Sherman etc. Mahavir Swami's brother was Nandivardhan and sister Sudarshan. 

From his childhood, Mahavira was stunning and courageous. After completion of education, their parents married her with Princess Yashoda. Later he got a daughter Priyadarshana, whose marriage was from Jamali.

Lord Mahavira was born as an ordinary child, he made his life unique by his hard meditation. There is a story in every stage of Mahavir Swamy's life, we are telling here some steps related to his life and the inherent story.

Mahavir Swami's various stages of life and his story (Mahavir Swami Story):

Mahavira Swami birth and naming ceremony

At the birth of Mahavir Swamy, a festival was celebrated for ten days in Kshatriyakunda village. All friends and brothers were invited, and they were felicitated. According to Raja Siddhartha, since Mahaveer Swami was born in his family, since then his wealth was increased in all the political instruments, such as his Grain Grain Reserve, etc. He agreed with all his consent to keep his son's name high.

The marriage of Mahavir Swami

It is said that Mahavira Swami was of an intuitive nature. From the beginning, he had no interest in the enjoyment of the world, but due to his parents' wish, he got married to Yashoda, daughter of Mahasamanta Samarvir of Vasantpur. And he had a daughter with him, named after him Priyadarshan.

Mahavir Swami's fame

After the death of Mahavir Swami's parents, the desire to take revenge in their mind awakened, but when he asked for an order from his elder brother for this, he urged his brother to stay awhile. Then Mahavir Swamiji took pride in his father's command, after two years, at the age of 30 years. 

At such a young age, leaving the house and living in the forest with 'Keshloch'. There, after 12 years of rigorous tenacity there, he got a true knowledge under a small tree on the banks of river Rijupalika in Jambak. After this, he was known as 'Avenin' and his teachings started spreading all around. Bijnisar was one of the greatest followers of King Mahavir Swami. 

For 30 years, Mahavir Swami spread the message of sacrifice, love and non-violence and later became the twenty-fourth of the Jain religion and became one of the best among the world's great sages.

Prefix, acceptance, ignorance

At the age of thirty, Mahavira Swamiji became full of self-control and became a Sramana, and as soon as he got initiation, he became knowledge of the mind. After taking initiation, Mahavir Swami took a lot of hard work and accepted various difficult prefixes equally.

In the twelfth year of Sadhana, Mahavir Swami ji came from Kadamba to village Madhya and then he held a very difficult assumption on Paush Krishna Pratipada.

After this, after the hard austerity and sadhana of twelve and a half years, Mahavir Swamiji, on the banks of river Rijubaluka, received the knowledge of vision only on the day of Vaishak Shukla Dashami, under the Shal tree.

Mahavir Swami Jain Dharm 

Mahavira is also known as Veer, Aavveer and Satti. He was Mahavir Swami, due to which the principles laid down by Parsvnath by the 23rd Tirthankar adopted a huge religion as Jainism. There are many opinions among scholars about the birthplace of Lord Mahavir, but they are one vote on their descendants in India. 

They consider Lord Mahavira's tenure as contemporary of Iraq's Zarathrust, Palestine's Jeremyia, Confucius of China and Pythagoras of Laotse and Yunnan, Plato and Socrates. 

Lord Mahavir impressed the deep India year. His teachings were strongly influenced by the then dynasty and many kings made Jainism their own monarchy. Bimbasar and Chandragupta Maurya can be named prominently in these dynasties, who became followers of Jainism. Lord Mahavira made non-violence a basis of Jainism. 

He opposed the spread of the caste system prevailing in the then Hindu society and stressed on equality. He emphasized the principle of living and living two. Lord Mahavir, seeing everyone at a common sight, was a statue of non-violence and non-violence. They did not want to give any grief to anyone.

Mahavir Swami's sermons

Lord Mahavir gave the message of non-violence, tenacity, restraint, five Mahavrat, five Samiti, three Guptis, polytheism, untimely and animosity. Mahavir Swami Ji totally opposed the animals and birds of Bali, and the people of all castes and religions to declare them the right to practice religion. Mahavir Swami taught at that time to eradicate caste and gender discrimination.


Mahavir Swami Nirvana received the new moon of Kartik month at night, during the Nirvana, Lord Mahavir Swami was 72 years old.

Special facts: Lord Mahavira

  • The followers of Jain religion celebrate Kartik Purnima of every year as a festival to bring the principles of Lord Mahavir's life and living to the masses. On this occasion, they ignite the lamp.
  • For the followers of Jainism, they gave five vows, in which non-violence, non-violence, truth,  brahmacharya and non-violence were reported.
  • Because of the conquest of all their senses, they are called Jitendra or 'jin'.
  • From whom only Jain religion got its name.
  • According to the Jains of Jainism, there were 11 Ganapathy of Lord Mahavira, in which Gautam Swami was the first Ganthar.
  • Lord Mahavir sacrificed his body on the date of Kartik Krishna II, 527 BC. At the time of his sacrificial death, Ayyu was 72 years old.
  • Pavpuri of Bihar where he left his body, Jain followers are worshipped like this holy place.
  • Two hundred years after the death of Lord Mahavira, the Jain religion was divided into Shwetambar and Digambar sects.
  • The Jain sages of the Digambar sect give up the garments, hence are called Digambara while the saints of the Shvetambar sect bear white garments.

The teachings of Lord Mahavir Swamiji

The principle of Panch Shal given by Lord Mahavira itself is the basis of Jainism. Only a follower can become a true Jain follower by adopting this principle. Satya, Ahimsa, Astaya, Brahmacharya and Aparigraha are called Panchsheg. '

Truth - Lord Mahavir has called the truly great. According to him, the truth is the most powerful in this world and a good person should not leave the truth in any condition. To become a better person, it is necessary to speak the truth in every situation.

Nonviolence - There should not be a feeling of violence towards others. Love as much as we love ourselves with others. Follow Ahimsa.

Astaya - It is a big mistake to steal the things of others and to desire others' things. Only be happy with what is found.

Brahmacharya - According to Mahavir Ji, it is most difficult to follow Brahmacharya in life, whatever man gives it in his life, he receives liberation.

Unbridled - This world is mortal. The passion for things is the cause of your sorrows. True people do not tempt any worldly thing.
  • Keep karma from anyone, do not leave karma to anyone.
  • The shrine accepts the worship of the Sadhus by sacrificing their own home and then how will our welfare for non-religious reasons.
  • When God made such a great penance, then we should also do penance according to Shakti.
  • If God sends the prefix to the front, then at least we should bear with the equality before us.

When is Mahavir Jayanti in 2019? (Mahavir Jayanti 2019 Date)

In the year 2019, Mahavir Jayanti will be celebrated on the 17th of April, on Wednesday. Wherever Lord Mahavir's temple is, there are special events organized on this day, but Mahavir Jayanti is celebrated mostly by special puja worship in a very peaceful atmosphere different from most festivals. On this day, Lord Mahavir is specially anointed, and special meditation and prayer are done by Jain brothers in their temples. Dakshina is a special significance in the poverty line as per its power in every Jain temple. This festival is especially celebrated in the famous temples present in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Bihar and Kolkata in India.

Eleven Guides of Lord Mahavira:

  1. Mr. Indrabhuti ji
  2. Mr. Agnihuti ji
  3. Mr. Airwood ji
  4. Mr. Express Swamiji
  5. Mr. Sudharma Swamiji
  6. Mr. Manditaputraji
  7. Mr. Mauryutra ji
  8. Mr. Akpit ji
  9. Mr. Achalbhrata ji
  10. Mr. Motataji
  11. Mr. Prabhasji
So friends, I hope you have Mahavir Swami's life introduction, 2019 Jayanti | Lord Mahavira Swami 2019 Jayanti and history in English is well understood. So surely do not share the biography of Lord Mahavir with his friends.
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