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What is the meesho app? and how to sell meesho app products? - secret life dose

What is the meesho app? how to sell meesho app products?:- Hello friends i am Vicky, welcome you to your blog's Secret Life Dose. Friends, as you all know, I am in this blog. we share information such as health and fitness, food and diet, yoga tips,recipes with all the people. and But friends, I try to tell you all the details like quotes, motivation, inspirational, biography, movie ...

But friends here we thought that you should tell all these things along with earning some money so that you also get some benefits.

So, friends, we decided that we will tell you some tips and tricks about online earnings, which you all would love most and give us this information to all of you.

So friends like to tell people how to earn money from all of us, let us go to friends. How to earn money

Friends, today we are talking about an application that can make you goods by money, but you have to work in it. Friends, the name of that application is Meesho App.
What is the meesho app? and how to sell meesho app products?.secret life dose
What is the meesho app? and how to sell meesho app products?.secret life dose
Friends meesho aap you will meet on PlayStore. And its full name is "Work From Home, earn money, resell with the meesho app" These names will get you Google PlayStore.

What is the meesho app? And how to work in it.

meesho are a reselling platform. Including products like Fashion - Boys Clothes, Girls Clothing, Kids Products, etc. where you get all types of products.

These are free services. In which you have to sell the given product of the meesho app. In this, you can sell anything from fashion to fashionable jewellery. 

And "Meesho is one of the largest distribution networks of 50,00,000+ resellers, which sells 7,00,00,000+ customers."

For more information see in PlayStore's description. and download and get benefits more.

How to make an account in the meesho app

To work in the meesho app, you must first have some requirements given below.

1 * smart phone
2 * Mobile no.
3* laptop

Friends, these two things can make you an account in the meesho app. After that, you have to do directly.

Meesho app Installation process

1 must go to the Play Store. meesho (Work from Home, earn money, resell with meesho app) Then it will look.
3. Click install

 Sign up Processes in meesho app

1. Open meesho app
2. Input your mobile no.
(After entering the mobile number you will get an OTP.)
3. fill OTP.
4. Click the Continue button.

How meesho app works?

Friends, as we mentioned above, they are a reselling app. It has lots of products available in which we can sell free of cost and sell its product to our friends, relatives or tales. As a friend, how can we benefit from this(meesho)?

Friends get a commission to sell their product in the meesho app. And those commission meesho app does not make sense. The dealers who sell you the goods are the ones you decide.

Examples: - As if you are selling any item, its price is Rs.199. These are the prices of the meesho app. In it, you can sell 2% -5% by taking commission.

After that, you will be responsible for the meesho app to deliver the goods ordered to the customer. And your commission will be in your bank.

After that, you will get the same commission in your bank account. But the friends are talking about how to sell the product in the meesho app? So let's also tell this...

How to Sell meesho App Products?

In order to sell the products of the meesho app, you only need to send a link to the product given in the meesho app, i.e. click the "share button" in its whatsapp Group, Facebook Group or page or any other social media platform and send it to the link.

After that, the image of that product will appear in the group but no link will appear.

After that, you have to tell the details of his money at the bottom of all the images. But do not give links.

 After that, you have to take their address from the customer and order to the commission the order according to the product...
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