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why tears come while cutting onions? | secret life dose

why tears come while cutting onions?:- Hello friends, today we will know why tears are coming while cutting onions? Because they are every home-consuming vegetable So let's know again. why tears come while cutting an onion? 
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why tears come while cutting onions? | secret life dose
why tears come while cutting onions? | secret life dose

Friends, many people want to know about this. Onion is a vegetable without which the food is incomplete. Whenever we use onion for food, we have to bite it and when we cut the onions, our eyes start to tear, and the eyes begin to burn. Why does this happen only with onions, while the cutting of the sweetest cheese in the vegetables does not tear in the eye even after biting chilli? So let's know what is the reason behind this.

Why do tears in eyes when cutting onions?

The reason behind bringing tears in the eyes is the chemical called 'syn-propanethial-S-oxide' found in the onions, which is found in the air and exposed to the eyes, then it has problems in the eyes. Due to this, tears begin to burn with eyesight. However, at the time of the past, the scientists believed in some other reason.

Earlier, scientists believed that the enzyme called Elisa enzyme which is found in onion, tears in the eyes and for a long time it was considered to be the reason, but when it was researched to find out the reason for its looseness, the truth came out only.

Research has shown that onion is found to be an enzyme called lichenometry-factor synthesis and when it is cut onion, onion it comes out of the enzyme named lecherometry-factor synthesis. 

The Research also revealed that when we cut the onions, the enzyme called lecherometry-fertilizer synthesizes the amino acids present in the onions, converted into sulfuric acid, and later the sulfonic acid also turns into syn-propanethial-S-oxide.

When this syn-propanethial-S-oxide reaches our eyes through the air, there is a problem in the lacrimal gland found in our eyes, it causes irritation in the eyes and with this irritation, the tears begin to flow from the eyes.

So you know now why tears come while cutting onion? It is followed by syn-propanethial-S-oxide. Which reaches our eyes through the air. Our eyes can not bear the effects of syn-propanethial-S-oxide. Causing irritation due to which

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