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10 easy Indian home remedies for skin itching & Herpes | secret life dose

10 easy Indian home remedies for skin itching & Herpes:- Friends, you are welcome, today we will talk about Indian home remedies for skin itching & herpes, people are troubled by skin itching, so let us know about home remedies today.

Itching is skin diseases. In which the skin becomes small red granules and repeatedly rashes on the skin and also irritation. Most of these problems occur around the throat, face, waist, hands, feet and mystery limbs. It is too late for the skin to remain wet or if the skin is still dry. 

10 easy Indian home remedies for skin itching & Herpes | secret life dose
10 easy Indian home remedies for skin itching & Herpes | secret life dose
There are also many types of medicines and creams available for the treatment of herpes/itching and eczema. Apart from medication, you can heal the herpes itchy itching with Ayurvedic remedies and domestic home remedies. Let us know 10 easy home remedies for skin itching & Herpes. 

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Many times it is accompanied by itching places, along with the pimples, which are filled in. It is very important to take care of cleanliness to remove this disease. If the disease is treated at the right time, it can prevent it from growing and this disease can be eliminated.

Symptoms of itching/ Herpes 

  1. Skin color red
  2. Small red rash
  3. Feeling burning and salty

Herpes/skin itching measures and home remedies

1. Take out cucumber juice and massage the skin with light hands. This solution removes the rubbish.

2. If it is more rotten, then drink tomato juice in the morning for 5-6 days continuously.

3. If there is water from the grains being itching, it should be protected from being as wet as possible.

4. Boil neem leaves in water and takes a bath in it. This remedy destroys cardiovascular and itchy germs.

5. Take coconut oil and mix it with a little camphor and massage it on the itchy place.

6. Cut the aloe vera leaf and remove the anus from it. Now it removes skin itching by applying it on the skin.

7. To remove the itching, again and again, heat indigenous ghee lightly and massage the skin with light hands.

8. Mix 2-3 spoonfuls of rose water into Multani soil/Fullers Earth. Then put it on the itchy place.

9. Add 1 spoon detol in 1 teaspoon of water and put it on a rotten place with the help of cotton wool. This home remedies also itching away.

10. If the problem of herpes and itching is high. Do not use shampoo and soap while bathing and massage after coconut oil after bathing.

Ayurvedic prescriptions of herpes and itching

  1. Applying garlic buds on the grindstone improves this disease.
  2. If the herpes is old, then it is relieved to apply the herpes cream.
  3. By using banana paste, using some lemon juice mixed in it also helps to heal the herpes itching.
  4. Add the carrot to a little salt and add a little salt and add some salt to it. Now put this mixture on herpes, this disease is eliminated.
  5. Applying lemon juice on herpes slowly becomes cleansed. If you do this remedy 2 to 3 times a day, the ringworm will be cleared within a few days.
  6. By grinding pomegranate leaves and putting on it's coating, it will start to remove.
  7. For the treatment of herpes itch scabies, grind neem leaves in curd to apply it and apply it.
  8. Applying turmeric coating on the area of ​​herpes also gives relief from this disease. In the day before sleeping and take these measures at night.
  9. Grind a little celery in hot water and apply it on the ribs. Washing herbs with celery water also give comfort.
  10. Tie Triphala first and make a powder by grinding it, then grind it and make the powder. Now add homemade ghee, mustard oil, a little alum and water to make the paste. This coating is a panacea for ripening herpes.

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