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Muscle gain diet plan 7 days | What to eat to make muscles- secret life dose

muscle gain diet plan 7 days | What to eat to make muscles-build muscle fast:-hello guys, welcome all of you are friends in our blog secret life, as you all know that how much the craze for men's body has grown today, all the boys want to look like a different type, so I  am writing These posts,"muscle gain diet plan 7 days | What to eat to make muscles - build muscle fast" is anyone to tell about it. The muscle gain diet plan is very important to build a body.

muscle gain diet plan 7 days | What to eat to make muscles- secret life dose
muscle gain diet plan 7 days | What to eat to make muscles- secret life dose

Friends, nowadays everyone wants the same that our body looks the most different. We all look beautiful in all the people You also do exercises for this. But let us tell you that only exercising does not matter to build a body, but you also have to take care of your diet. Only then will your body be formed, and your muscles will appear.

Expert people say that exercising only plays between 35 to 40 percent in body formation. The most important thing in bodybuilding is your catering if you eat plenty of protein and other types of ingredients. Then your body will start. Therefore, today we will tell you about some of the fruits which contain plenty of protein and you can consume your body by consuming it. So your muscles will be very quick. Today, we are going to tell you what to eat for making muscles - build muscle fast.

What to eat to make muscles- build muscle fast

1. Banana - 

Banana is a very simple fruit, but when we consume banana it gives our body energy. Banana helps us in making muscles. If you consume 2 kg daily, even if you drink Milk Shaikh, your body will become good in a very short time.

2. Dairy Products - 

Dairy products such as milk, curd, cheese have the highest protein in them. If you want to make masala, then you should start using these products today. 

Make sure to include these products in your daily food. You can drink milk every night and eat yoghurt or paneer at lunch, this will definitely make your body.

3. Dry fruit and nuts - 

Those who are interested in making the body, those people will know that there is too much protein in dry fruits and nuts. That's why you can consume fist dry fruits or nuts daily, it keeps your muscles healthy and helps you to build muscles.

4. Egg - 

There is no need to tell how much protein and vitamins are found in the egg. In the white part of the egg, 84 percent of protein and 0% fat is found. Egg plays a major role in forming masalas and keeping them healthy.

You can eat two or three eggs in two or three times a day, if you consume foods like milk with eggs, its benefits increase many times, which are very helpful in making your muscles.

5. Fish - 

Mono-saturated fate and omega 3 fatty acids are found in abundance in fish, which help in forming your muscles. You can eat fish twice a week but you have to be careful that you do not have to eat fried fish.

6. Meat -

If you want to take protein, iron, zinc, vitamin B and amino acids together, you must eat meat or chicken. Make sure to eat meat or chicken once a week, and you will get to see the difference in your muscles in a few days. You will see that your muscles have begun to build.

7. Mushrooms - 

Those who need lots of nutrients should be consumed, those people should start consuming mushrooms because mushrooms contain an element called lean protein, which has a very profound effect on our bodies. You can also eat mushroom in the salad.

8. Sweet potato / Shakarankand - 

The sweet potato is found in abundance in carbohydrate which makes your Mascle strong in a very short time. You can boil sweet potato or eat it or you can boil with milk.

9. Soya Protein - 

Includes soya product such as soybean, soya berry, soya milk, tofu. Protein vitamins and minerals in soy products are found in very high quantities so if you consume it, then your muscles get all the necessary ingredients. You can use soy products two or three times a week.

10. Hole grain - 

Energy is the most important in the body, which gets us from the whole grain. The hole protects the grains from breaking. In the morning you should definitely take oatmeal porridge, together with your diet also increase the amount of grain in your diet so that your muscles will start developing soon. So we told you what to eat for making muscles.

Friends i hope all of you are like this post" muscle gain diet plan 7 days | Will be liked to fast muscles - build muscle "So definitely tell us by commenting. And definitely share with friends who make their muscles.
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