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Vitamin deficiency diseases and Symptoms

Vitamin deficiency diseases and Symptoms:- Vitamins have an important place in nutrients. It is essential to have a balanced or adequate amount of vitamins in the body. If there is a deficiency of vitamins in the body, then the body suffers from many diseases.
Vitamin deficiency diseases, vitamin A, B , C, D, K, H , Vitamin deficiency symptoms,
Vitamin deficiency diseases,vitamin A, B , C, D, K, H ,Vitamin deficiency symptoms,

In this article, we will have a special discussion on the symptoms and prevention of vitamin deficiency Symptoms of vitamin deficiency. When there is deficiency of vitamins in the body, the body shows the following symptoms
  •     Diabetes
  •     Fever
  •     Body infection
  •     Asthma
  •     Having heart problems
  •     Kidney swelling or problems
  •     Being stressed
  •     To be a cancer
In this way, we can see that due to lack of vitamins, serious diseases occur in the body, so it is essential to have plenty of vitamins in the body.

Each vitamin has its own importance. If there is deficiency of any of the above vitamins in the body, then the body starts battling many types of diseases. know about all Vitamin deficiency diseases and Symptoms, Let us first know about the types of vitamins.

Vitamin A

Due to lack of vitamin A, people start seeing problems. And lose your eye and it also know as dyspnea or night blindness. And the man does not know by looking at Ram and even during the day. And it starts looking blurred.

Carrot, radish and other green vegetables, other fruits, and egg milk etc. are very important for the treatment of vitamin A.

Vitamin B

Due to lack of vitamin B, people may have to bear the berry berry disease.

Due to Vitamin B, people start forgetting anything. And the possibility of blood circulation being uncontrolled arises.

To meet vitamin B deficiency, you have to eat food like cereals and lentils. Because they are also high in vitamin B. And keep eating green vegetables as well.

Vitamin C

Due to deficiency of vitamins, diseases like scurvy have to be faced. Due to this, diseases like stains, spots, acne, or blackness on the skin are more likely to occur.

And for vitamin C, consuming lemon, amla and other citrus can be very beneficial. Because the quantity of vitamin C is present in all of these.

Vitamin D

Due to deficiency of vitamin D, rackets or rickets occur. Due to deficiency of vitamin D, bones become very weak and twisted due to which they may have to suffer a lot.

Sun rays are considered most useful for the treatment of vitamin D. Because, vitamin D is found more in it. And you also get vitamin D in milk and fruits.

Vitamin K

Due to lack of vitamin K, our blood clot is not frozen. Due to this, the blood flows more when we are hurt. Due to this only life can be fatal.

That is why we should keep taking vitamins. For this, milk, eggs, fish and green vegetables, etc. can also be consumed.

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Vitamin H

Lack of vitamin H causes diseases like biotin. Due to which the body becomes completely stressed and anxious. And because of this, hair starts to weaken and fall, and more problems arise.

Vitamin H should be consumed in plenty in everything like fruits, green vegetables and milk etc.

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