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How to Earn Money from Oodies App

What is oodies app , How to Earn Money from Oodies App:- friends, all of you must have known that today we are talking about the app that earns money. So let's say today we are going to tell you all about an app, so you can easily make money. All of you will not need much knowledge. So let's start the review of the oodies app.

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What is oodies app

Oodies app is such an app. With the help of which you can earn some money. In the oodies app, you just have to earn money watching ads. There is no big task in this app too. Most of it is shown about Fair Lovely Career. This app will be easily available in the playstore.

The size of the Oodies app is around 32 MB, and for more information visit the Playstore with the following link.

Oodies App Download

Click to download the Oodies app. Or follow the steps given below.

Step: - Go to playstore.
Step 2: - Search oodies app.
Step 3: - Install.
Step4: - Open. (Refer code-j3opGj)

How to Earn Money from the Oodies App

You will have to sign up in this app as soon as you download and open the Oodies app. After that, you will see 3 Tab.

1. Playlist
2. Attention Income
3. Last-Mile Fund


In this, you can easily see Ads. You will have 2 ads on it. And after the end of the ads, you have to answer a question. If your questions are correct then you will be given the money. Answers to two questions get 1.60 rupees.

Attention Income

In this, you can easily see all your earned money. You can withdraw it by 100 rupees.

Last-Mile Fund

In it, you get some points along with watching the video, which can be converted as your money. And this increases your income.

In addition, you can earn every referral 40rs. by using refer and earn in it.

Oodies app Feature Review

You can get 3 Line buttons in the left side of the Oodies app's dashboard, by clicking on it you can take advantage of more features of oodies app.

1. Lucky draw
2. Mission
3. Invite & earn
4. My Coupon
5. Profile
6. Setting

So much as friends are the name of the oodies app easy. The same is the desire to work in and earn money. So do not delay, install the app in your mobile and start watching ads.

I Hope everyone of you would have liked this post"How to Earn Money from Oodies App" and would have understood fully about the oodies app. So share this post with your friends so that they also know about it. Read the daily update for the latest app update.
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