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What is Scratch Day App And How To Earn Money From Scratch Day App

What is Scratch Day App  And How To Earn Money From Scratch Day App, Android App reviews: - Hello friends, once again everyone is welcome. Friends, today we will talk to you all about the Scratch Day App. And how to earn money with Scratch Day App And today's post we will talk about these two topics. So let's know about Scratch Day App.

What is Scratch Day App?

Scratch Day App is an Android app. With this help, you can earn a lot more money. This is getting popular as the Scratch Day App. In Scratch App, you can scratch very easily and make money. And you can get that money with the help of Paypal.
What is Scratch App Day And How To Earn Money From Scratch Day App, Android App reviews:,latest earning app,
What is Scratch App Day And How To Earn Money From Scratch Day App, Android App reviews:,latest earning app,secretifedose

Friends, now we tell you how you can earn money from Scratch Day App.

How to Earn Money from Scratch App

Friends, before you make money with Scratch Day App, you have to download it in your Android mobile.

Download Scratch Day App

To download this app you have to follow the steps given below.

Step1: - Go to playstore
Step 2: - Search Scratch Day App.
Step3: - Click Install.
Step4: - Open.

Note: - Friends, you can go to the playstore directly from the click here link on the Scratch Day App and download and install the scratch day app.

How to earn money from Scratch Day app

1. The login option will appear in front of you as soon as you open this app.
2. Please login to facebook you have it. (facebook option exists)
3. And have to choose the currency for your money.

Scratch Day App Feature And Process

1. You will see some tasks as soon as you log in to the Scratch Day app. You will have to scratch your finger on the image as soon as you open it.
2. To make more money, you must match 3 symbols.
3. If 3 symbol is not available then you will see a low bonus card. He'll also have to scratch it. As shown in the image.

So friends are Scratch day your magic because you can earn lots of money. But you have to be patient.

Scratch Day App Payment Method

In this, you have to take your money in the PayPal account. and you can use it easily and from any where.

Scratch Day app Tips and tricks

After clicking on the 3 line button in the left of your screen's dashboard, you will be shown all your details along with your profile.
  1. Balance
  2. Bonus Number
  3. Redeem card
  4. Redeem Token
  5. Free Token
  6. Setting
And with the right side of the Scratch app, you can lower 100,000 tokens by inviting button from friends.

So friends hope that all of you would have enjoyed this post very well and there was no easy way to earn money. So share this post with "What is Scratch App Day And How To Earn Money From Scratch Day App" with your friends and relatives so that they also know these tricks.

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