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How To Make Cold Coffee

How To Make Cold Coffee/how to make cold coffee at home:- Friends, today we are going to talking about "How to make cold Coffee or make coffee". because nowadays coffee is more famous in marriage. and many people drink coffee in marriage or ceremony because he doesn't know how to make coffee. Don't worry, today I will going to talk to you How to make coffee, cold coffee at house .

yes, you can make cold coffee in a house at following some process. which I will be giving you below.

How To Make Cold Coffee -Process

Friends if you want to serve 3 people or more person. it can take some time and make easily.

necessary ingredients :
  1. Coffee Powder- Coffee Powder - 01 Tbsp,
  2. Light warm water - 1/4 cup,
  3. Sugar Sugar - 3-4 small spoons/As test,
  4. Cold milk -  02 cups,
  5. Ice Pieces - Ice as needed.
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Method of making cold coffee:

1). To make the Cold Coffee Recipe first pour blender coffees, sugar and about 1/4 cups of low hot-water for Cold Coffee Recipe. And make him shake it.

2). If you Don't have a blender then you can take coffee. milk and lukewarm water in a vessel and fry it until it becomes lubricated.

3). Now Put/keep 4-5 ice pieces in a blender and cover them. If you are making coffees without a blender then cover the ice and mix it properly or the right way.

4). Now add cold milk in the coffee. Make a blender until it is completely formed.

5). Take your cold coffees are absolutely prepared. now serve it in your glass. and take the joy of its taste.

How to make Cold Coffee- Second Method

Necessary Ingredients
  1. Milk- 500mg (2cm)
  2. Sugar- 4 teaspoons
  3. Ingredients Coffee Powder- 2 Tablespoons
  4. Ice cubes - 1 cup
  5. Vanilla ice cream - 3 to 4 scoop

To make Cold Coffee

Put milk, coffee and sugar in the mixer jar. Take them off until they mix well. After mixing well, put a piece of ice in it and grab it. So after so many processes, your coffee will be ready.

Now put it in the glass. Do this by adding 1 scoop vanilla ice cream from the top. Even if the app does not want to add vanilla ice cream, it is good to drink coffee

Drink this cold coffee made by friends fast during the summer, you will get strength along with coolness. And your skin will also shine.

Suggestion For Making Cold Coffee

  • For coffee, toned or full cream can milk.
  • Do not put the vanilla ice cream, even then the coffee looks good. Garnish with a little cocoa powder on top of it.
  • 2 large glass enough to make cold coffee

I hope In  This post"How To Make Cold Coffee/how to make cold coffee at home"  did cover all main topic and tips and tricks. so if you like this article, share it with your friends, Relatives and, facebook, messenger, and timeline to keep the help..
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