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Raksha Bandhan Celebration And History

Raksha Bandhan celebration | Raksha Bandhan festival |History of Raksha Bandhan 2019- The festival of Rakhi is known as the main festival of Hindi. The festival of Raksha Bandhan has started to be celebrated not only in India. The importance of the festival of Raksha Bandhan only comes from the word of defence. 

There is a method adopted to protect someone and these behaviours have become a festival now. What is the Rakshabandan in this article? How is Raksha Bandhan celebrated? When is celebrated? Why is celebrated? How to celebrate the Raksha Bandhan festival? Raksha Bandhan celebration You will be able to find answers to all these questions.

Raksha Bandhan celebration,Raksha Bandhan festival ,History of Raksha Bandhan 2019- secret life
Raksha Bandhan celebration,Raksha Bandhan festival ,History of Raksha Bandhan 2019- secret life

What is Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is the festival of the holy love of brother and sister. At this festival, sister bind protection thread on brother's wrist. Brother promises to protect his sister. And also gives some gifts. However, Rakshabandhan Rakhi is not only a festival of relations between brother and sister but it has become a festival of humanity. It has been built to protect the Rakhi country, protect the environment, protect the interests etc.

How is Raksha Bandhan celebrated

The sisters bind the rakhi on their brother's hand and tilak her, and her brother also wished her long life.

Brother promises to protect them and gives them a gun of choice. And Rakhi's colourful yarn strengthens the love of brother and sister.

Sisters feed sweets to the brothers and give them the confidence of being together in happiness and misery.

Rakhi is such a sweet festival, which gives complete respect and respect to the sacred relation of brother and sister.

When is Raksha Bandhan celebrated

Rakshabandhan is one of the very famous festivals of a Hindu. Which is celebrated every year on the full moon day of the Sawan month? The festival of Rakhi will be celebrated on August 15, 2019, this year.

Why is Rakshabandhan festival celebrated

History of Raksha Bandhan 2019:- On seeing history, three forms of Raksha Bandhan are seen. First of all, as a wish of protection, for wars, trade symbols abroad, wives, other members of the family, Brahmins, etc., wish to return safely by tying a protect thread before going on sea travel abroad. There are many mythological stories that we are telling you -

The first story of Raksha Bandhan

According to the ancient time(purano), once the demons attacked the Gods. Deities start losing their demons. Devraj Indra's wife Shweta was terrified by the defeat of Gods and began to do penance to protect Indra's life.

He received protection thread from tenacity. Indra's wife Shachi tied this thread on the wrist of Indra on the day of Shravan Purnima, which strengthened the power of the Gods and the gods conquered monsters.

Story of King Bali -

According to a story of Vaman Purana, when Lord Vishnu took all his things in the three stages of Raja Bali, then King Bali asked Lord Vishnu for a boon that Lord Vishnu would live with him in Hatha. Lord Vishnu had to go to hell because of a boon. This made Goddess Lakshmi very sad. 

Lakshmi ji reached Vishnu on one day as a garland of an old lady to get Lord Vishnu out of Vaman and made Vaaman with Rakhi and made him his brother. When Vamana asked for something to demand Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess Lakshmi asked Vaman to send Lord Vishnu to Baikuntha from Hatha. To keep that thing, Vaman sent Lord Vishnu to Baikunda with Goddess Lakshmi.

Story of Mahabharata -

In Mahabharata, Lord Krishna had slaughtered Shishu Pal from his great chakra. After cutting the head of Sishupala, when the cycle came back to Lord Krishna, then the finger of Lord Krishna was cut off, the blood of Lord Krishna started bleeding. 

Seeing this, Draupadi had torn the edge of his sari and tied it with the finger of Lord Krishna, Lord Krishna promised to protect him. While repulsing mischief to repay this debt, Lord Krishna kept the shame of Draupadi. and it is the history of Raksha Bandhan celebration. 

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