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What is box office in movies

What is box office in movies:- Do you know what box office is in the movie or movie if you are connected to the film world and keep an eye on the earnings from a movie's release date? So many times you must have heard the box office words but have you ever tried to know. After all, what is this box office and where has this word come from? As we all know, by the box office collection, we know that the film has either hit or it has to face the flop.

What is the box office?

Whenever a movie is released, its news of earnings gets us in news TVs etc. If you are a fan of a movie or movie then you have heard many words about the box office that are associated with the film world. In this case, you also want to know about it, so let's know.

Actually, the box office is the place to get tickets to go to the cinema hall or movie theater. This place to get tickets is a box. That's why it's called a box office. The word box office is also used for business purposes.

What is box office in movies

Even if this box office is made in a small space, this is what happens to a movie's hit or flop. The amount of money earned by the film and how much profit has been made, it is revealed by the office of the same ticket sales office.

Box office history is also interesting. During the Elizabethan era, the entry of the cinema hall was free. Meaning no money is taken from viewers to watch the movie. Because of this, the movie theater always used to be full, but because of the presence of the people, rich people did not see the film.

To solve this problem, different arrangements have been made for the rich people in the film to watch the film. In which box-shaped seat was made. This seat used to be from the booking office, thus, the earnings of any movie were used by the people sitting in the box. The box-office word came into existence, with the size of the box size and its booking office.

In addition to the box office, some words like weekly box office and weekend box office are also popular. In this case, you will also want to know the meaning of these words. So, most of the movie is released on Friday, so the earnings from Friday to Thursday are called the weekly box office.

The weekend box office means the earnings of a film from Friday to Sunday. In these three days, the number of viewers watching movies is quite high. With the earning of these three days only it is estimated that the film will be hit or the flop will prove.

Now you may have come to know that what is the box office is, in fact, the ticket sales office is called box office only. The sale of ticket tickets from the ticket office determines the earnings of any movie. The more the tickets will be sold, the earnings will be much higher than you expected.

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