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How to Increase Mind Power | Increase brain power in 7 minutes

How to Increase Mind Power/ increase brain power in 7 minutes:- Friends, today we are sharing with you Mind Power . How to increase brain power, mind power secret, memory power , how to increase memory power. The things that our conscious mind believes in, Conscious Mind, our subconscious mind sit in the Subconscious mind, and this creates our thinking, our thinking makes our life.And this is very important for all .let's know about it.

How to Increase Mind Power/ increase brain power in 7 minutes
How to Increase Mind Power/ increase brain power in 7 minutes

Increase brain power in 7 minutes

Friends, Positive Thinking is necessary to be successful. The higher your thinking, the higher your thoughts, the firmer your determination, the more you will achieve. Human mind is very powerful, it is full of immense powers.

Napoleon's statement that even today the truth is completely true that whatever the human mind thinks and believes in it, it can achieve it in life.

The higher your thinking, the greater your goals, the more you achieve in life. With narrow ideology, achievements would get smaller. The resolutions and demands of unsuccessful individuals are very small. Successful individuals dream of growing up.

Institutions like Apple, Microsoft, Reliance etc. started very small but due to high dreams, achievements could be achieved. If the goals and dreams are high then the efforts will also be increased and higher.

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Mind Power Secrets 

George kept studying till late night. Arrive late in class because of sleeping late the next day. The teacher wrote two questions on the blackboard. George copied them and after several hours of hard work he solved those questions. Later it was revealed that the teacher had told about those questions that even Einstein could not solve these questions. George had not heard this. If you had listened then you would not have solved these questions because they would have narrowed the scope of their thinking. With unlimited thinking and enthusiasm and perseverance, they have been able to solve these questions. We all have amazing immense inner power.

Those powers have to be awakened. If a lion comes in front of you, you will run so fast that the Olympic giants will be left behind by you. Such increased challenges awaken the hidden powers inside.

"Loss of heart is victory of life" or "Mana ki loser hai jaan ki jeet jeet" (As you think you become)

If good thoughts get more time in your mind, then in a few days a positive change will come in your life. The power of thoughts is great, because of this our life changes, even the map of the world changes.

Your subconscious mind has so much power (Power of Subconscious mind) that it can change the direction of your life.
Let's know how the Subconscious Mind works.

You hear something you see, the kind of people you live with, they all slowly get fed up in your mind without wanting or not wanting to. And become your Habit. If you live with people with negative thoughts, then your unconscious mind also starts thinking in the same way.

Like in childhood, teachers and parents told you that you can never do this work, you don't know anything etc., all these things settled in your Subconscious Mind and today we go to do some similar work, then Subconscious Mind says that You can't
Psychology: Mind Power.

how your thought stream is positive or negative. this is the main reason of every people.

Positive Thinking 

1. All is good in my life
2. Everybody loves me
3. I can do all this work
4. I get everything at the right time.

Negative Thinking 

1. Why does this happen to me
2. I have never found a good thing
3. Nobody loves me, everyone uses me.
4. Never been good in my life

Now you will understand how positive or negative your thinking is also excepted.

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Some people will be a little positive, they will have to make themselves completely positive.

Power of your Subconscious Mind (turning negative thinking into positive thinking)

By using the power of the subconscious mind, we convert negative thoughts into positive ones.

So far, we have filled negative things in our mind, so our thinking has become negative, now we have to remove those things and fill them with positive things.

1. It is important for him, Newspaper, News which is often very negative negative, not to see or read them.

2. Reading a positive thought from work to work in the day and putting it in our work place by writing that idea so that we can see it several times a day.
3. Stay away from negative people
4. Watching positive videos of sandeep maheswari.

In a few days your thinking will start to be positive. and you will have also realize this post How to Increase Mind Power.

Friends, you will definitely tell us this article How to Increase Mind Power | increase brain power in 7 minutes. And friends, do not forget to share this article How to Increase Mind Power | increase brain power in 7 minutes with your family and friends. Thank you
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